Monday, 10 November 2014

Lorenzo Rizzi

We have now added works by Lorenzo Rizzi to the exhibitors galleries

Lorenzo Rizzi was born and lived his formative years in Venice. From an early age he showed a gift and passion for drawing and painting. His father worked for a theatre company in Venice; Lorenzo was deeply influenced by this environment and learnt to paint backdrops and publicity posters for theatrical productions, afterwards working in Venice’s many theatres as a scenographer and commercial artist.
Lorenzo started painting at the age of 12, but in postwar Venice it was difficult for his family to give him an art education; however he met and worked with many of the Venetian artists of the day, who took an interest in him and from whom he learnt artistic skills such as perspective and colour theory. Many years later he studied etching at the University of Hertfordshire. His work encompasses all subject matter and many media but most recently he seems to have found his forte with a series of richly coloured still lifes in oils. He particularly loves this medium for the total control of colour which it allows.
Lorenzo exhibits around London and Hertfordshire and also undertakes house portraits. His work hangs in many private collections in the U.K., mainland Europe and the U.S.A.
An exhibition in Venice is planned.